Dewpoint temperature incorrect

I am using a relative humidity sensor (the sensor is ENV-THUM connected to BASE-WIRED). The internal temperature, external temperature, and relative humidity all seem reasonable but the dew point temperature does not. I have a case where we used a humidifier in a lab to get the relative humidity up to approximately 75%. The temperatures were near 25 degrees Celsius and the dew point was almost 80 degrees Celsius. I have checked the unit and the sensor is reporting Celsius as its units for everything. That said, I don't understand how that is possible as dew point should never be higher than the actual temperature with relative humidity below 100%. Any help understanding this reading would be appreciated.


  • stillwerstillwer
    The current readings I have are the following: Internal Temperature = 22.05 Celsius, External Temperature = 22.75 Celsius, Humidity 1 (Relative Humidity) = 84.66%, Dew Point = 69.21 Celsius.
  • FinleyFinley
    Hello stillwer, If you encounter some issues on Firmware 8, you may upload the SGW Firmware 7.5 to check the difference on the dew point value.
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