List of sensor names & value ranges used for SNMP

it appears that you have to walk and to see the sensors, and that each sensor is grouped in units of 4, e.g.,
enterprises.17095.3.1.0 = STRING: "Int. Temp1"
enterprises.17095.3.2.0 = STRING: "26.28"
enterprises.17095.3.3.0 = STRING: "-"
enterprises.17095.3.4.0 = STRING: "-"

Would someone point me to a URL that lists the serverscheck sensor, along with the associated name values (e.g., ...1.0) and the value range (e.g., ... 2.0)

i have been using trial and error to determine this for the various serverscheck sensors i have available, but the motion sensor built into the multisensor & hub seems to be returning "1.00" which i'm not sure how to interpret as motion-detected.




  • PocholloPochollo

    I dont think there is an existing file that lists all SNMP OID because it is not fixed. I think the only fixed OID is for internal temperature and ping all other sensors will be assigned when they are connected. also with regards your motion sensor 1 = triggered 0 = not triggered

    Hope this helps!
  • homespunhomespun
    understood, but i'm not asking for the OIDs. i understand that they're effectively arbitrary.

    what i'm asking for is this: let's say we're talking about a PWR-AC-VOLT sensor, what i want to know is what string is going to be used for the name, and what the range of values is.

    if you look at you will see what i have determined based on the sensors i have. what i'm looking to do is to fill-out the information for the sensors i don't have...
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