Problems with water leak sensors


Two leak sensors have been playing up (firmware 8.10)

I get DOWN alerts (wet) and then recoveries 2 seconds later on them. This repeats 20 or 30 times, then breaks for a while, and goes again

For the first sensor: I disconnected, washed it, re-connected it (still coiled up in a bag) and it seems to be working (at least not cycling wet/dry)

For the second sensor: I left it connected and just vacuumed around it. This did not fix it but my first take is that the false positives are reduced

Both of them are completely dry, but are in quite dusty environments (with some cobwebs thrown in too...)

Is this a known issue with the sensors?

Thank you


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    The way the leak sensors work is through an electrical field based on the concept that water is conductive. If another conductive material touches the cable then this can trigger an alert too.
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