New License Key

If we upgraded to Monitory Software v.15.0.0 and have free updates until January, do we have to purchase a new license key or do we get a new key for free?


  • FinleyFinley
    edited December 2019
    Hello, with my appliance that I had purchased last year, as long as you are still covered with 1 year free upgrade then you can upgrade your software to latest one without purchasing new license key.
    By the way what software version do you currently use? was it v14?
  • godsowngodsown
    I went from 12 to 15. I think when you go from 12 to 15 you need a new license key, but I don't have the option to request one.
  • FinleyFinley
    I think new license key will only work for the latest software release.
    For v12 software you can't update it to v15 since they have different structure.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    If you have free upgrades until January, then you can generate a new license key from your myServersCheck page or contact us ( for a new key. Provide your original order number.
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