SNMP counter for sensors change

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I have seen some discussion sort of reference this, but nothing outright, sorry if my searching missed it.

I am trying to save my sensor history by using my NMS to collect the SNMP OID values periodically for multiple sensors.
However, it seems the only area in the MIB Tree that has sensor information is in or serverscheck/control/

The internal Sensor1 Temp always stays the same, but each remote sensor does not retain its location in the tree, which makes it impossible to collect data. Or am I missing something?

For example I walk the SNMP tree once and i get-
Sensor3 as Smoke detector
Sensor4 as Temp2
Sensor5 as Humidity
Sensor6 as DewPoint1

I walk again in few minutes-
Sometimes not every device shows up, so it throws off the sensor order, or they are all there and in different order.

I changed my ServersCheck gateway poll interval to every 30 seconds, and the changes seem to be tied to the polling.
I'm guessing the sensors are dynamically added when they poll and its random which sensor slot they populate?

If that is true, has anyone found a work around to gather historical data?

Gateway is running v8.10


  • PocholloPochollo
    You might have a problem with your sensors connectivity to your gateway, OID's should be fixed when the connection is good and the gateway did not restart.
    The first sensor connected gets the first OID and so on.. It might also be your NMS , try to poll specific OID's going to your NMS .. and while doing so check the gateway if any sensor is going down
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