Use of modbus multiple BASE-WIRED devices via the Monitoring Appliance


We have multiple BASE-WIRED devices and use the Monitoring Appliance for central management. We want to use the Modbus features on those individual BASE-WIRED devices. Is it possible to get Modbus read-outs from those different BASE-WIRED devices from a single IP address --> the Monitoring Appliance? Or do we need to connect to each individual BASE-WIRED IP address? (Which is not preferred.)

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  • PocholloPochollo
    The monitoring appliance is basically a small computer. there are software that collates data via ModBus for multiple units. maybe use one of those and then from the appliance you can then share the data within your network.
  • FvanhartenFvanharten
    Hi Pochollo,

    Thanks for your quick reply and confirmation that this can't be done directly from the Monitoring Appliance.

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