Can't reach Web-Gui / Ping multiple BASE-WIRED IP's from different subnet


I'm experiencing very strange issues with out BASE-WIRED devices.

We have multiple (16) BASE-WIRED devices with a ENV-THUM and EXP-8HUB devices connected to it. They have are running in a dedicated subnet for Serverscheck devices.
They are divided over multiple racks and connected to multiple switches.

8 of them are perfectly fine an accessible from different subnets, the other 8 are not.
They are all running the exact same firmware versions, all have identical default gateways configured etc. If I test with 2 laptops, then I can can ping sensor 1 with one laptop but not with the other one, I can ping the 2nd sensor with the 2nd laptop and not with the first laptop etc. If I am able to ping a sensor, then the Web-Gui is still not accessible.
It looks like a network issue but every single device on the network works just fine, If I configure my laptop with the same IP's as a non-working sensor, and plug my laptop to the switchport for Serverscheck, then that laptop is accessible from multiple subnets just fine. If I plug the sensor back to that same port then we have these strange issues again.

We are polling the temperature-values per sensor every 60 seconds, from another system (from another subnet) to show the values on a custom GUI on an iPad. This often is not working properly for the 8 'faulty' devices as well.

All the sensors are available when I put my laptop n the same subnet as the BASE-WIRED devices.

I've done lots of troubleshooting on the network and everything works fine, except for the Serverscheck hardware. Is there an maximum amount of active sessions to a single BASE-WIRED for example?

Has anyone experienced similar issues before? Of has any idea what is going on?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



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    Sounds like an issue of routing tables in your switch. If it works in the same subnet and not in a different one, then the only difference is the switch in between the different subnets. You might try to assign a different IP address to the units.
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