ENV-THUM faulty temp

i have got an ENV-THUM, which is telling me it's -125 Celcius.
it's connected with a base unit and this base-unit close to it says it's approx. 30 degrees.
how to get this working, so both sensors are giving me the correct temperature?


  • PocholloPochollo
    Hi Vissie,

    Make sure you have the updated firmware for your SensorGateway also you mentioned on your previous posts that you have multiple gateways. have you tried to plug it in to other Gateways? .. did you get the same result?

    You can get the latest firmware here https://serverscheck.com/support/firmware.asp

    if your unit is within warranty and you did the above and still get -125 C as compared to your other sensors then file for an RMA
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