Base unit connection los

I have got a Base unit which is losing it's connection once a while.
it's not every same period, but changing.
most of the time after a few hours, and it's down for a minute or so.
i have changed switchports (layer 3 switch), checked config with other base units, changed patch cables.
issue is still there.

please advice


  • PocholloPochollo
    Is this the one you were having problems not seeing the OLED display and performed a reset? or entirely a different gateway?
    Anyways this is a network issue. I suggest that you interchange this gateway to the others that isn't dropping. For example if you have and it is working never dropping out.. then configure the dropping gateway into the same IP ( and plug it in the cable where the working gateway is at. another is to isolate this gateway to rule out if it is really dropping. or if it is your network. .. if your sure and tested that it is the gateway, you can send this for RMA along with the evidences of your tests.. as long as your unit is within warranty
  • Vissie1984Vissie1984
    it is a different one then my other topic.
    we have changed/checked ip's and gateways. i will swap today 2 sensors to double check. i will try to collect some evidence.
    will come back to you
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