Sensor wont record more than one reading.

I am using a EST-IRSPOT kit which includes the IR spot sensor and monitoring appliance. I can only get the monitor to accept one reading and just say OK on the screen. It will not reset or graph multiple readings. the sensor appearing to be working its just not talking to the monitoring appliance. Also when I change the temp to F instead of C it will not allow me to set my own parameters for ok and warnings


  • adminadmin
    edited June 2020

    Can you describe your first issue? You have one sensor connected to one appliance and it is not recording any temperature measurements? I assume that the browser on the appliance is open on the irspot_live.html page?

    For the second issue; the limit needs to be an integer so without decimals. A fix addressing that is scheduled for release within the next 24h.
  • adminadmin
    Zlytal you may want to upgrade the software to release 16.3 that addresses the reported issue of the thresholds.
  • PocholloPochollo
    This should be resolved with the latest update
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