Issues with wireless when upgrading firmware from 7.5 to 8.4

Hi all,
Has anyone had any issues with wireless sensors when they have upgraded firmware?.
I tried to upgrade ours and lost all the sensors apart from the base unit.
There was not an option for wireless at all (according to instructions P13 section 1.8 it should be by the Ping Sensor).
In the end had to revert back to 7.5 and all sensors are now being displayed.
Is this a know issue?
On a side note the upgrade also wiped out the know users and had to login as admin. Thankfully other settings appeared stay there.


  • adminadmin
    Hi Bill,

    This was identified as a bug to the firmware and is already being address, the fix will be released on the next firmware update.
  • Bill UOBBill UOB
    OK brilliant thanks for the update. Do you know when the next firmware update is due? I will then add that date to my calendar.
  • adminadmin
    there is not exact date for the firmware release but it is on its final phase and should be released soon.
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