Unable to set time/date manually

Hello, I am trying to update the date and time on my SensorGateway v5. When I click on the "Update Time" button it brings me to the SNTP Settings menu. We are not using an NTP server for this device, I just want to set the time and date manually, however unless I toggle the "Use SNTP Time Server" on, the "update time to" boxes remain greyed out and I can't change anything. When I toggle "Use SNTP Time Server" On, I can change the date and time, but when I click update it fails because there in no NTP server. Also, even though the correct date and time show in the boxes when I have "Use SNTP Time Server" toggled off, the date keeps setting as Dec 31st, 1999. This seems like a bug to me. Is there something that I am doing wrong?



  • PocholloPochollo
    First you have to make sure you have the updated firmware, as It should be the other way around. when "Use SNTP Time Server" is on the fields to change time should be grayed out and when it is off , date and time should be editable. Once applied then it would show the current time you have set.

    Also with your issue it is a possible browser issue, troubleshoot your browser like delete data, cache and cookies
  • CraigCraig
    Thanks Pochollo! The browser was my issue. I was using Chrome originally which seems to be what caused the issue. It worked fine using Internet Explorer. I am running firmware version 8.4 which I think is the most recent.
  • PocholloPochollo

    Cheers mate
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