Sensor Hub Relay Malfunctioning

Hi I would like to ask how can we troubleshoot or repair if the Sensor hub relay is malfunctioning. currently we have an installation about 3yrs now of a Base unit with sensor hub relay and sensing cables to detect water leak. We are also the one doing preventive maintenance for the device every quarterly. Every time we do the PM we test the sensing cable by wetting the sensing cables. after which the base unit display will change display from dry to wet. but the sensor hub relays will not activated. multiple times that this already happened. as a quick fix. when we restart the base unit the sensor hub relay will work again, but after some time it will malfunction again.

kindly let us know hat we can do to repair or troubleshoot the cause of the problem. Thank you


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    "Chester ICSI" Topic moved to correct thread. When posting an issue please also indicate that firmware and hardware version of your base unit. Out of warranty repairs can be requested from your myServersCheck - see
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