USB EST-IRSPOT (COVID-19 Kit) not Giving Reading.

EST-IRSPOT will not give a reading on the monitor. the first green LED comes on but, the second green LED will not light up and will not complete the transaction. It sits there until it finally gives an error " 502 Bad Gateway" nginx/1.16.0. on the screen. Rebooting the device does not clear the error. I have deleted the sensor, copied the "conf.db" file into /conf subdirectory to reset configuration. These actions have not resolved the issue.
all connections are attached in the proper places and are firmly plugged into each of their respective ports.


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    What version of the Monitoring Software are you using? 16.4.6?
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    2nd question: is the sensor recognized by the PC? In Windows > Device Manager you should see under USB a FTDI connection.
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