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I have purchased the SMS Alert Credit for my customer

Currently, the setup at my customer premises is few sensors will be connected to a base unit and all the base units are connected to the respective network switches. The monitoring software is installed on a desktop and this desktop is connect to the LAN. Information from the Base Unit are retrieved at the desktop with Monitoring Software via IP. So my question is in order for the SMS alert to work, only the desktop with Monitoring Software LAN port need to open port 80 or 443 right? Does the Base Unit port need to open also?

a. They have enabled ports 80 and 443.
b. Their Serverscheck PC is able to access and
c. Here is the screenshot of our Serverscheck application and the test SMS they did.

They are still unable to receive any SMS. Kindly advice.

Thank you.


  • PocholloPochollo
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    Since they didnt use their own account to register the software. where did you apply the sms credits? was it on your account as well or your customer. (so first thing you need to check is if the UID and PIN they are using would be the account with credits)

    Also it is unsafe for you to post the UID and PIN for your SMS alerting as others can use it. I suggest you generate a new one now and use that moving forward
  • Hi, I have made the purchase for my customer. I was advised by to tag the SMS credit to their userid. Now their userid reflect the SMS credit but they are not receiving the SMS alert.
  • To add on, my customer has successfully done the registration of the SMS Credit and the account has shown the correct credit balance but when doing the test SMS, they do not receive any SMS alert. They have also received email live alert but not the SMS.

    As per mentioned,
    a. They have enabled ports 80 and 443.
    b. Their Serverscheck PC is able to access and

    Is there any other URL that need to be included in their firewall exception as they only allow and currently?
  • PocholloPochollo
    to actually test and see where the issue is try to install the free software version of ServersCheck to a regular network, lets say to a home PC or your PC without the firewall and other network blocking equipment and then try the test SMS there using the UID and PIN your customer has. that way you would know if it really is the network or something wrong with a configuration.

    If it is the network I'm afraid you have to check with a network engineer to see the logs over your network and see why your SMS alerts are being blocked.
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