Upgraded firmware on v5 Gateway and now it won't connect to Cloud or email server

I upgraded the firmware on a 4 year old v5 gateway because it wouldn't stop sending alerts for a powerFail sensor that was no longer plugged into the SensorHub. Now it won't connect to the Cloud (the settings UI is very different). I tried re-entering the Device ID and PIN from the my.infrastructuremonitoring.com/gateways.php page, but get the error "Resolving Cloud Server: FAILED".

When I try to setup email using the Beta email gateway as documented, I get similar error:

Resolving host: OK
Looking for SMTP server: FAILED

What hostname is the Cloud setup looking for? Thoughts?

Hardware VersionRelease 5.1
Firmware VersionRelease 8.5


  • PocholloPochollo
    possible network , internet issue
  • MauzyMauzy
    No problems getting out to the internet before the firmware upgrade. No issues from other devices on the network getting out either. Nothing in the path should be blocking. DNS settings didn’t change. What host names is the gateway attempting to resolve so that I can confirm success from another device?
  • PocholloPochollo
    then just download the older firmware version if your having issues https://serverscheck.com/support/firmware2.asp?v=5
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