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Hi Support,

Can I ask for your support here,

We didn't received and reports from our software from the last 15 days, and it only sends some reports when we accessed the software.



  • OhMySensorOhMySensor
    What do you mean?
    Also on your post the image can't be seen.
  • TechnicalSupportTechnicalSupport

    When we trying to get a summary report for the last week's report of our temperature, The software didn't record any monitoring's, just until we accessed the software/computer, then we just get alarms from it.

    Here is the link of the image.

  • PocholloPochollo
    TechnicalSupport where are you running the software? is it on a serverscheck appliance? or your running it on your own PC? also what version are you using?

    The latest version has this feature towards slack that it sends an alert when the software is not live.
  • TechnicalSupportTechnicalSupport
    Hi Pochollo,

    I'm running it on my own PC, and it is also licensed, ver 16.4.4

    And also, just right now regarding the monitoring, it gives false alert on my Power Failure and Smoke, but upon checking on stand-alone web UI of Base-Wired, it is not down.

  • PocholloPochollo
    then I would suggest you try out the feature towards slack so you can check if your software is alive.
    Also make sure that you have a redundancy check that your PC is connected to your network.

    Possible issues are within your network (software is unable to get data from your sensors hence an alert)

    I have an updated software 16.4.7 that might also help..

    Try to also set thresholds on your BASE-WIRED to see if you get alerts at almost the same time to test
  • TechnicalSupportTechnicalSupport

    We have updated the Software, but it happens again, The Monitoring is have not recorded or check any information since last few days.
  • PocholloPochollo
    Did you do the test I recommended? the software gets data from the sensorgateway so what you can do is set up the ping parameter of your gateway and ping the ip address of your PC so they check each other along with the slack alert to alert you if your software is not alive (not function) ... I dont know what other software or firewall you have on your own PC so you have to investigate why this is happening to help you resolve the issue. my recommendations would surely help you find the issue
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Assuming there is no antivirus software installed, you can run the software in debug mode.

    - go to the logging subdirectory
    - create in there a file called debug.log
    - restart the 2 ServersCheck services in the services.msc
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