SensorGateway reporting in as unreachable, SNMP issue


I have SensorGateway hardware release 5.1 that I am trying to configure SNMP for. I just upgraded it to the latest major firmware release, 8.5, from 7.50, as it has been having issues being reached through SNMP. This did not resolve the issue. We have a large deployment of these sensors at our site, and most of them are working fine on firmware version 5.07, but are also hardware release 5.0. The issue with the latest release is it only allows alphanumeric characters for the SNMP read/write community string, and given that our SNMP string has a punctuation mark in it, that does not work for us. I was hoping someone could just send me the file for firmware version 5.07, if possible, so I can try downgrading to see if this fixes the issues. From what I can tell, this SNMP issue cropped up after this sensor in question was upgraded to 7.50, which introduced some changes to SNMP, according to release notes. Unfortunately, the firmware download page only gives download options for 8.50 and 7.50, and nothing else.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Out of support versions of firmware are available for download for customers with an active support package on their hardware
  • OANChicoOANChico
    I am having the same issue on hardware 5.0 and Firmware 5.11
    SNMP just stopped working since September last year with Google Workspace for me.
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