Help me understand, Pay for Firmware updates?

Just to make sure I am following this correctly.
I am unsure if there is even a Firmware update available for my Hardware Version: Release 5.0

I have Firmware 5.11 installed, If I want to update beyond or find out if there is one available I need to purchase care for $490?

So Firmware update cost $490 but new units with 1 year of care are $294?


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    No ServersCheck Care is for technical support & extended warranty. Not for firmware.

    Firmware is available from The firmware made available is the latest release for the hardware version you want. Some customers want an older version of the firmware. Such older versions are only available via support.

    We also have customers for whom we develop & maintain custom firmware. That is part of a seperate contract.
  • OANChicoOANChico
    Thank you for the reply, and help to clear that up. I was mistaking the older firmware releases.

    I am stuck on this here:
    My serial number is: SGW20121205*****6 ***
    I have tried both options the 2016+ bricks my device so I have to revert back to older firmware. the >2015 options doesn't have any downloaders. Where can you get the latest release if its not under support?
  • Your 9 year old unit would not be a hardware version v5
  • OANChicoOANChico
    Again grateful for your follow-up. There must be some type of mix up:
    I do recognize that the hardware is older. I have been keeping purchases going for alerts. I am just looking for a way to gain the current firmware for this unit. Trying to understand if I have to have an active support plan to do this or not. If this is not Hardware V5 as it is listed in the screenshot above, where would be the place to download this?
  • OANChicoOANChico
    Also if it's not Hardware v5, what is it? My unit doesn't match any of the devices on the site:
  • Firmware 5.11 is last firmware version for that product
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