Not able to Retrieve IP address on Servercheck device

All the switches are data VLAN configured, so as soon as any device gets connected to switch, it should get an auto IP assigned. While I was connecting the sensor to the switch, it was getting an IP address 10.1.1xx.xx from DHCP for few seconds and then was automatically redirecting to Devices default IP address every time. I tried having console access of the sensor via my laptop, there also I had no success. Tried all different ways but device is always redirecting to the default IP, hence not able to configure the sensor

Please help how should I proceed next.


  • Itachi_Uchiha in order to request support from other users, specify the firmware version that you are using.
  • OhMySensorOhMySensor
    where you able to try another switch or router other than the ones you are using right now?
  • Itachi_UchihaItachi_Uchiha
    admin How do i get that info ?
  • adminadmin

    you should be able to see it on the settings page. Also you should also try what OhMySensor advised to rule out some steps on identifying what might be causing the issue.
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