Vibration Sensors dropping out

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My system has a set up of 1 SensorGateway BASE-WIRED + 1 SensorHub EXP-8HUB) with 6-7 Vibration Sensor (SEC-SHOCK) Units connected into the hub. It seems that while ports 1-4 give off a solid and steady connection, ports 5-8 seem to be intermittently dropping off. This is happening for more than 2 of these systems that we own. In the manual, we found out that ports 1-4 seem to be High speed Ports and Ports 5-8 seem to be regular ports, and that there are some sensors that require high-speed ports to function properly (eg. Thermal IR Sensor). Does the vibration sensor require this too? if not, why are the sensors from port 5-8 dropping out intermittently?


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    The manual says that there are probe restrictions, but does not highlight the specific probes that require highspeed ports. Either I am blind, or I need some guidance in the right direction.
  • SchottkySchottky
    Hi Cav, what year did you purchase your EXP-8HUB? As on my new EXP-8HUB everything runs smoothly.
  • We are not sure the exact date, but we can confirm it to be around 2018-ish.
  • SchottkySchottky
    Hi Cav, your issue is somewhat similar

    Maybe you could try to lower the sensor polling time.
  • Hi Schottky, I have read this particular thread before posting the issue, it is important that I keep the polling rate at 1 because of an active live monitoring requirement by the customer. I was just wondering if ports 5-8 support such a constant polling time, and if its regular/high speed port matters when performing live monitoring.
  • The information i am trying to get is if SEC-SHOCK Sensors are compatible with ports 5-8 (manual says that ports 1-4 are high speed ports, and port 5-8 are regular ports. It mentions probe restrictions but does not explicitly give any restriction.) at a polling rate of 1. I have no problem with ports 1-4, but that will mean I have about 2-3 probes that are intermittently disconnecting and reconnecting.
  • SchottkySchottky
    Hello Cav, I have one SEC-SHOCK sensor unit connected on port 5, I have also tried to connect it on port 6 to 8 of SensorHub and it doesn't drop at all.

    I have also adjusted the sensor polling time from 1 to 5 (I always use 1s as sensor polling time).

    So far I have no issues at all on the EXP-8HUB which I recently purchased. I have no clue about older units.
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