SNMP traps not always getting sent

Afternoon all, weird problem which I can't figure out...

Running v5 gateway with v8.5 firmware. I use SensorHub for one dry contact input

When the dry contact is triggered the gateway starts sending SNMP traps as I want it to. But sometimes (every week or so) the SNMP traps on that particular trigger stop being sent

I know that:
1. The SNMP listener is still working because other traps are being sent and received
2. The sensor gateway is still working because other sensors are reporting properly (including other SNMP traps)
3. The dry contact sensor in question is still working because I can see the trigger/recover in the alert history

ONLY the SNMP traps for the triggering of my dry contact are not being sent. It's the fact it's intermittent that's driving me crazy - they work for a while from boot-up, then stop altogether until the whole thing is cold-restarted

Has anyone seen this behaviour, because I'm stumped?

Many thanks
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