Output not triggering when in alarm exist

Hi All,

I have the gateway HW V5.1 and FW V8.6. The current temp in the room is 28. the down range is set to >25. The status shows alarm, however the output has not activated. If i change the down range for example >30 then warm the temp up on the sensor it will trigger the output.

Im just confused to why the output will not activate if the sensor is already in alarm when setting values.

This issue has put me off from installing in 4 of our server rooms.

Any help appreciated.



  • PocholloPochollo
    That seems to be a weird case, my output automatically turns on the same time the status changes on my SensorGateway.

    You can play around the numbers more efficiently by going to the calibration menu in your settings page.

    That way you dont have to warm up the room, you can add/offset the values of your temperature to simulate an alert.

    Also make sure the output device fits the power supply limitation of the SensorHub otherwise you can use the Relay ports instead of the output.
  • jasonclarkejasonclarke
    Hi Pochollo,

    Thanks for your reply! I have done some more testing and can confirm the following. I currently have nothing attached to the relay.

    - temp currently 25 degrees and alarm setpoint is greater than 28. If room (or i change numbers in calibration) to work up over 28 degrees. Status goes into alarm and triggers relay.

    - temp currently 25 degrees and alarm is not currently in alarm. If i then change the alarm setpoint for example to greater than 24 degrees. Status shows alarm but relay will not trigger.

    Surely I'm not the only one with this issue :/
  • FinleyFinley
    Hello Jasonclarke, maybe you can try to reset your SensorGateway, then upload the 8.5 firmware Firmware then 8.6 Firmware, just to check if it fixed your issue.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    jasonclarke thank you for reporting the issue. We have escalated it to our engineering team. It looks like a possible firmware bug in the latest release. We will update here as soon as we have feedback
  • SchottkySchottky
    hello Jasonclarke, you can also set your sensor polling time to 1seconds.
  • jasonclarkejasonclarke
    Thanks everyone for the replies, I have reset to default and done the upgrade process to 8.6. This issue is happening with multiple devices.

    Thanks Administrator for your acknowledgement, I will await your reply. Just so you know same issue in FWv8.5.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    jasonclarke if you have a support contract then please do submit it via support too. In terms of development priorities, issues reported by support get priority over issues reported through the forum
  • jasonclarkejasonclarke
    Administrator We have not unfortunately. We have just ordered more Sensor Gateways and expansion cards last week however through a partner, but due to backorders might not receive for several weeks.
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