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Hi, I can't access the web service UI at a new appliance. It may or may not have been set a few weeks ago until I reached the office but the other IT guy has no recollection of the process. There is no externally accessible reset hole/button to be pressed, but there are a few options on the motherboard. Please see the attached pictures.

Does someone know how to hard reset the appliance so it connects to DHCP ? Thanks in advance !

Pics in


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    See user manual. Page 16 - second paragraph
  • PocholloPochollo

    If your having issues with DHCP assigning an IP address to your appliance then just connect a monitor , keyboard and mouse and check for your network settings, it has Windows OS so its basically a small PC.

    Now if you're only having issues with accessing the Interface of your software, Then no need to perform any reset, The Software Manual can help you with that. http://manuals.serverscheck.com/ServersCheck_Monitoring_Software.pdf

    Hope this helps, Cheers!
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