Security Sensor ever in alarm

Hello Support,
the security sensors in the monitoring appliance is even in red, of I go in the base unit I can see green.


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  • CruiseAxiansCruiseAxians
    Hello community :smile: ,
    I have the base unit, HUB and security sensors applyed in the doors of racks, checking directly from the base unit I can see the security sensor in green because the door is closed but in the monitoring appliance it is in red status with door closed. you know any solution?
  • PocholloPochollo
    Hi CruiseAxians

    You can easily fix that by changing into the correct OID

    When I perform an SNMP walk using an MIB browser , (ireasoning is a free MIB browser you can download)

    I get the results below for my security sensor (do the same and find a similar result)

    . Security1 OctetString
    . Security OctetString
    . OFF OctetString
    . 0 Integer

    So I just go to the sensor settings page on my software go to parameters and make sure that under OID
    . should be present

    Then I set the condition that it should turn to DOWN if its value changes to 1
    Sensor value = 1 (is my alert condition)
    and vice versa depending on your preference.

    I hope this helps you Mate.
  • CruiseAxiansCruiseAxians
    Thank you Pochollo, it is as I want, I have done, it work!
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