Mobus Sensor Types

I have four sensors connected to a SensorHub (2 door contacts, 1 smoke, 1 motion). The modbus registers for sensor type are returning correctly for the door contacts (12), but is also returning 12 for the smoke and motion sensors which should return 20 and 19. I have tried upgrading the firmware to 8.6, but I'm still having the same problem. Any ideas on what may be the issue?


  • OhMySensorOhMySensor
    Based on their modbus manual there is only door contact security sensor type (12)
    But I am just assuming that they are the same as there are no other type that register as security
  • JeferyWeamerstilzenJeferyWeamerstilzen
    All three sensors are security, but modbus register should return a different type value. Door Contact = 12, smoke sensor = 20, and motion is 19. All three are returning 12
  • SchottkySchottky
    edited June 2021
    Hello Jefery, What I have noticed on SGW GUI, both Motion and Door contact sensor was grouped as Security sensor type. So in the manual, I guess those three should also have the same node type value.
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