Communication between Monitoring & Gateway (sensor on it)


I'm running into a problem that many on this forum has mentioned but it's slightly different.

Location A is running Monitoring Appliance
Location B is running a sensor gateway with security door sensor on it.

The gateway is fully integrated into the monitoring appliance, refresh rates 60sec (default).
Pings gets monitored, temperature gets monitored. What doesn't get monitored is the door sensor.

Location B gateway works as it should. If someone enters the room it triggers the "Sensor Not Triggered (Open contact)" sensor. Alerts
email are sent, event log records the event.

Location A however has no records of this events ever happen.
The correct MIB is inserted after a MIB walk, refresh lowered to 30sec.
Alert levels set to DOWN when state change from 1 to =0.

As mentioned other sensors alert/report without any problems (temp., ping, powerf).

Any ideas on what could be the problem?

Thank you in advance.


  • PocholloPochollo
    hello Mate,

    I have answered this on a different thread , this might help you

    I think it might be your OID ..

    To best know what you need to configure, do an MIB walk when your door is open, then do so again when it is closed.. then the correct OID would change into a 0 or 1 .. use that OID for your monitoring.

  • AmsidcAmsidc

    Thanks for the help Pochollo. I've solved the issue. Everything was set correctly.
    The 30sec refresh from the monitoring software is odd, it will refresh in maybe 30sec, 1min, 2min, 3min, depends..
    If the event occurs when there is no connection/refresh between gateway and software, the monitoring system won't register the event.

    If I kept the door open, everything worked.
    If I caught the event during the refresh period, it worked.
    But if the event was shorter (10 sec to open and close a door), only the gateway sensor recorded the event.
  • PocholloPochollo

    I think thats a limitation of the software.. the lowest polling time is 30 sec and is dependent with your network traffic so it may be longer. for Security sensors where every second counts I'd suggest you stick with Gateway alerts and the monitoring software for redundancy so it would record status change for more than 30 sec.
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