Digital Airflow Sensor

We test the Airflow Sensor in an Electric fan and upon testing it's changing the air speed even the rotation of the Electric fan is constant. Is this normal for the Airflow sensor?


  • SemajSemaj
    Hello, I just want to follow up the above question please, thank you.
  • Miguel2017Miguel2017
    there can be other external wind source that is affecting your readings. try it without the electric fan, check if it will change
  • OhMySensorOhMySensor
    I am thinking that testing it with an electric fan is not efficient and might cause inconsistent readings.
    Better test it on a constant speed air source and you won't know if its correct unless you have another device that can compare to it.
  • Hi,

    Good Day!

    May I know what is the normal threshold or range that will be set to avoid false alarm in AirFlow sensor? since the value of this sensor is changing every second.

    We test again the sensor in Air-condition and here's the alert history:

    12,03 September 2021,12:29:54,Air Flow1,0.51,1
    11,03 September 2021,12:01:53,Air Flow1,0.12,2
    10,03 September 2021,12:01:48,Air Flow1,0.55,1
    9,03 September 2021,11:12:21,Air Flow1,0.05,2
    8,03 September 2021,11:12:16,Air Flow1,0.58,1
    7,03 September 2021,11:04:03,Air Flow1,0.31,2
    6,03 September 2021,11:03:58,Air Flow1,0.57,1
    5,01 January 2019,00:00:04,Air Flow1,0.10,2
    4,01 January 2019,00:04:58,Air Flow1,0.34,2
    3,01 January 2019,00:02:54,Air Flow1,0.55,1
    2,01 January 2019,00:02:10,Air Flow1,0.37,2
    1,01 January 2019,00:02:04,Air Flow1,0.54,1
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    There is no normal threshold. It depends on your application.

    Check with a HVAC consultant / specialist or the HVAC manufacturer for the best settings for the system you are monitoring.
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