ENV-WLEAK-LOC-COMBO5 not being recognized by sensor gateway

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we procured 3 x ENV-WLEAK-LOC-COMBO5 sensors (Leak Location Sensor with 16ft/5m water detection cable) and we tried to connect each of them directly to some gateway sensor w/o success. Any gateway sensor is capable to "see" these sensors. We wonder is there is a constraint regarding connecting the water leak sensor to the gatewey sensor or if there is a missing component - for instance, in the "how to" video of the water leak location sensor it's showed a cable terminator - this accessory didn't come up with the sensor (see: https://cloud.alma.cl/s/zD9mHbDYZTJid5z - is it required?


  • PocholloPochollo
    I believe so, I have one of those leak location variant and mine has a cable terminator.

    You should contact the shipping department and also double check your package.
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