BASE-WIRED + 2 x Temp Sensors question for SNMP

Hello all,

I have a quick question about using BASE-WIRED unit + 2 x Temperature sensors and getting the data of them via SNMP.

So right now, in one of our data centres, we use 3 x BASE-WIRED units and use them for measuring temperature. Since it's not required to have 3 x BASE-WIRED to measure just temperature alone, I'm planning to borrow one and use it for our site.

So, the plan for our site is 1 x BASE-WIRED + 2 x Temp Sensors.

We basically use a Nagios plugin to send it to graphite and view them in different means.

Here is how:

snmpwalk -v2c -c public ourenvsensor-host1 .
snmpwalk -v2c -c public ourenvsensor-host2 .
snmpwalk -v2c -c public ourenvsensor-host3 .

Since the snmpwalk works based on the hostname (ourenvsensor-host1, ourenvsensor-host2, ourenvsensor-host3), it outputs the data from that.

My question is:

If I plan to use 1 x BASE-WIRED + 2 x Temp Sensors, how would I get the data for Temperature Sensor 1 and Temperature Sensor 2? I am asking this since it will not have any hostname to work with; for snmpwalk.
Or will I have to use some other OID based on the BASE-WIRED unit's hostname?

Sorry if I confused too much :) Just trying to see if I can save some bucks of not getting 3 x BASE-WIRED units.



  • What if you add each OID manually?
  • mtl_dnegmtl_dneg
    Dhane said:

    What if you add each OID manually?

    I haven't got this setup yet :)

    So just asking upfront, whether it will suit our needs before purchasing.

    But adding extra sensors to BASE-WIRED will have two extra OIDs? (other than . where I can retrieve the value from ?
  • yes separate OIDs per sensor
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