Problem with IO Dry Contact module

Hallo all

We have a problem with I/O and I think I know why but need your confirmation.

if we connect the I / O module with the BASE-WIRED and an additional sensor, the I / O module hangs up irregularly.

If we connect the I / O module to the BASE-WIRED without an additional sensor but use a cable length of more than 3 meters for the DRY contacts, it can also happen that no status is recognized

If this is so correct, we can actually only use the I / O module in connection with a BASE-Wired and a maximum length of 3 meters, without an additional sensor


  • Hello, what sensor did you use together with the IO? Are you using PoE too?
  • mmossnermmossner
    we use one Temp Sensor and with PoE
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    When requesting help from the community please specify when you purchased the products and what firmware you are running.
  • mmossnermmossner
    purchased in 2019 and running the Release 8.6 (Jan 6 2021) Firmware
  • SchottkySchottky
    helllo mmossner,
    You may also check the connection of the RJ45 cable connected from your IO Sensor to your Base Unit.
    I have tried to set up a wire on one of the IO dry contact inputs with more than 3-meter length and short the end of the wire and I can see the trigger response on the IO Sensor. You may also try to set the sensor polling time to 1 second.
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