Serverchecks API - xml


I was looking at the API guide ( ) and it provides a couple of http request options for JSON, and one for XML, and there is also a section for command line, where it mentions another xml url which is http://my_ip_address2/retcurvalue.xml ? Which suggests it returns the very latest values.

When i try this it does not work, is this url still supported, are there other urls that can be used which are not listed ?


  • PocholloPochollo
    the only official url that is listed for XML access is ipadress/xmlOutput.xml =
    you can check the user manual.

    I think from there the one you have above created a script for his own use possibly an expert in xml.
  • NodeCentralNodeCentral
    Thanks Pochollo , I had tried that but it lists loads of information, like a log extract, I was ideally looking for something that just gave the latest sensor readings in xml format..

    (I’ve also commented on a post about the API for the SensorHub and controlling the I/O ports on there, do you know anything about those, seems it’s a possible to do, just not documented)?
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