SNMP Trap Community String

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I have multiple v5 Sensor Gateways running firmware version 8.5 and I do not see any way to change the community string that is sent for SNMP traps. You would think that the traps might use the read value from the SNMP Agent setting but that is not the case.

To make it worse I had to do a packet trace on the device and I found that several of them shipped from the factory with v8.5 firmware send the community string "public1" by default and one that I updated to v8.5 sends "public". It is a major flaw if this product does not allow the end user to set a community string for both traps and requests.


  • Symmetry SolutionsSymmetry Solutions
    The assumption above is only using the Web interface of the product. It does look like it may be able to be set by a call to the SNMP agent but I am having trouble figuring out the exact OiD to send.
  • PocholloPochollo

    What seems to be the issue, I believe the SNMP agent is configurable (Read and Write community)

    But for SNMP traps no community string is configurable true, but you will be sending the traps to specific IP addresses that should be listening to the port you have configured, other receivers wont unless you specify their IP on your Gateway.

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