Attempted to Factory Reset Base unit sensor gateway.. appears to now fail to boot

Upon attempting to login to the base unit sensor gateway we were receiving 404 errors. Suggestions from the support threads indicated this might be a firmware issue. In an attempt to re-install the firmware it was stated a factory reset was needed. Upon following the manual to initiate the firmware reset we no longer had any display on the LED. In fact anytime power is given to the base unit sensor gateway the online and sensor lights will light up for about 1-2 seconds and go away (no led display at all). No link lights appear in the Lan/PoE port either. Is this device recoverable in this state? Or did we just brick the device? Attempts to perform another factory reset have the online light blinking yellow fast for about 8 seconds and the sensor light stays a solid green only for the lights to turn off after that 8 seconds and the led display stays off. The LAN link lights also never activate via PoE or via non PoE with the DC 12v cable providing power.

If anyone has any other suggestions on what we could do please share! Thanks in advance!


  • PelicanPelican
    hello, when did you purchased the base unit? Base Unit can be powered either by using 12VDC or PoE. Does LED Online and LED Sensor still goes off if you unplugged the 12V DC Power and just PoE is connected?
  • TroubleshooterTroubleshooter
    Hi Pelican,

    Based on the SGW number on the back of this unit it was at the very least manufactured in 2018. I don't know the purchase info of the device as it was purchased by another tech who has since left our organization. From the looks of it these have a 1 year warranty so it's looking like if it is a dead unit we are on our own.

    Attempts to use a PoE switch to power the device or using the 12VDC give the same results. The base unit's led lights "online" and "sensor" light up for about 2 seconds and then go off. The probe's we attach to this base unit when powered do indicate power is running to them when the unit has PoE or the 12v DC with the led lights turning on and staying on even when no light on the base unit is present on the "online or "sensor" leds or the mini screen display. Even the PoE lan link lights do not light up anymore.

    Before the Attempted factory reset the device was reporting info on the display and sending alerts but we could no longer access the device to change settings via the IP we assigned it. We could ping the device and attempts to login appears successful but instead of getting to the UI we would get a 404 error. Forum posts pointed to this being a firmware issue. Since we could not just apply a firmware update without accessing the UI we performed the factory reset and that resulted in the issues we now have. Attempts to do another factory reset result in a quick blinking online LED but after about 8 seconds that stops and we end up back in the same spot we are now.
  • PelicanPelican
    hello Troubleshooter, kindly try to factory reset again see instructions on the user manual on page 74
    make sure to hold the reset button until Orange LED stops blinking fast and both Orange & Yellow LED flashes together.
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