If the factory reset option fails is there any other options to recover the base unit?

If the factory reset firmware fails to load can you apply firmware in any other way? Does this device have the ability to connect to the lan port via a serial connection and work on the device via a CLI? or is the UI the only option?


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    The option is to get it inspected by our engineers through an out of warranty repair.
  • TroubleshooterTroubleshooter
    Thanks for the response. Is it possible to have it inspected without having access to the account who purchased the device? Our organization purchased this product over 4 years ago and the individual who setup the account to purchase this device has since retired.
  • adminadmin
    An out of warranty inspection can be purchased from your order page. If you provide the email address of the buyer, then our Hello Team can send you the link of that order page provided the order was made in the last 5 years. hello@serverscheck.com
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