Water Leak Location sensor not working

I connected the Base Wired V5 with firmware 8.9 to a Water Leak sensor with a Water detection cable and it works correctly detecting the WET/DRY status.
When I connect the same Base Wired to a Water Leak Location sensor with the same Water detection cable (with termination) it does not sense the WET status or the location. I'm reading the status directly on the Base Wired screen.
Is anyone having the same problem?


  • DhaneDhane
    Was the sensor shown on the GUI of your SGW?
  • blahrtblahrt
    I'm following up for DDellOrco.

    Thanks for your help.
    Yes, the sensor is shown in the web gui. The leak location sensor actually appears as two sensors: one flood sensor and one leak location sensor.
    When we get it wet, nothing happens.

    The unlabeled cable terminator that came in the box is attached.

    Our base station works fine with flood sensors. We're using firmware 8.9.


  • DhaneDhane
    How long did you test this? Can you leave the cable wet for a minute and check?
  • blahrtblahrt
    edited August 2022
    We left it wet for several minutes, and repeated this test a few times.

    An interesting note: when we remove the cable terminator, only a single leak location sensor appears in the gui. When we do a water test without the terminator, the leak location sensor reads 320m for the leak location (our cable is only 5m long...)
    But with the terminator attached, nothing happens.
    Each time we make a change to the sensors, we power down the base station beforehand.

    The flood sensors appear to work perfectly, they sense a wet condition in a matter of seconds.
  • blahrtblahrt
    OK, now we are getting a leak location reading, but it looks like the cable must be completely submerged for at least ~2 minutes.
  • DDellOrcoDDellOrco
    The standard Water Leak Sensor detects the DRY/WET condition in a few seconds without submerging the cable.
    It seems instead that the Water Leak Location sensor detects the DRY/WET status and location only 2 minutes after the cable has been submerged in water.
    We wanted to locate the leak without having a leak so big to submerge the sensor cable.
    We will not use the Water Leak Location sensor, just the regular Water Leak sensor.
  • FinleyFinley
    edited August 2022
    hello DDellOrco,I have tried to submerge a 1-meter length of leak cable on 1 to 2 mm height of the water and it also detects WET and location around 2 minutes. I think the detection time of around 2 minutes is necessary to eliminate false positive triggering.

    Leak Location also comes with an end terminator, if the terminator is not attached I noticed that it would show readings on SGW GUI "NO CABLE".
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