Base-wired internal temperature missing from GUI

After plugging in the Smoke sensor the Internal temperature is no longer visible in the GUI
It still responds to SNMP LOOKUP.
Reinstalling firmware has not fixed.
Does the device need a rebuild from base FW or is it broken


  • DhaneDhane
    Hello, it would be best to try and do a clear cache on your web browser, or try to do a factory reset if it doesn't really show.
  • not cache, as used multiple laptops and browsers. factory reset planned
  • KlienKlien
    It works fine on my end, what firmware version are you using ?
  • I have 150 sensors deployed, So i know it works. Just one sensor has lost GUI connectivity tot he internal temp. As This is in the US i will get it factory reset and fm updated after MLK day. I will update post rebuild
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    If after a reset it does not work, then you can request a warranty repair. Provided your unit is still covered by our standard 1 year warranty or extended warranty if you purchased it. If your units are no longer warranty covered, then an out of warranty repair can be purchased from our support pages or contacting our sales team.
  • re-install of FW and update to newer FW did not fix it. Factory reset resolved the issue.
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