Monitoring Appliance Buil-in email server configuration

Hello all,
anyone have configured the Buil-in email server?
wich sender email address I have to write?
Thank you.


  • Did you check your myInfraSensing account? You can find it there
  • CruiseAxiansCruiseAxians
    Hello Dhane,
    you refer to the free SMTP server offered by Infrasensing?
    the SMTP server free offered by infrasensing are only for base units, I already tested in the server but don't work.
    The customer don't have the smtp server data to give me, there is possibility to send email alerts from the server for free?
  • You can create myInfraSensing Account for free on this link :

    there`s an instruction on the their manual which you can access
  • PocholloPochollo

    You should choose "SMTP mail server" on your software email settings so you can use InfraSensing's free email, though you can also use outlook or gmail you just need to have the correct SMTP settings placed in.

    Hope this helps
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