ENV-GAS-O3 sensor

I investigate if I can use ENV-GAS-O3 sensors.
I can find the following notice at your web site.
"Gas and Thermal Imaging sensors require the optional BASE-FW-SSLS firmware addon to operate."
Please let me have questons.

Q1. Where can I get BASE-FW-SSLS firmware addon?
Q2. How can I program the firmware addon?
Q3. What MODBUS registers can I use for the sensor? In MODBUS user manual rev 12, I could not find proper registers.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Q1. Please contact our sales team at hello@infrasensing.com As per our understanding that firmware addon is available through select partners only
    Q2. The addon is a license key that you enter into the firmware
    Q3. Modbus registers are provided with purchase of the product
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