New System ID for Monitoring Software

Hi Everyone,

We purchase a Mon-Touch appliance with monitoring software and every time the appliance was shutdown or restarted it change the system ID. This means the license will be invalid every time if change the system ID. In this case, it's very time-consuming for us for requesting a new license. May I please know how to resolve this issue?

Thank you.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Monitoring Software v12 is no longer supported
  • SemajSemaj
    Hi Administrator, apologize its version 16.4.10
  • PocholloPochollo

    If you are still in the 1 year period you can email InfraSensing Directly and ask for a new license. However if it keeps on changing every after restart it means there may be an OS issue or a software was installed on your appliance that changes the hardware driver or something. I would suggest updating everything on your appliance first then do a restart and see if the system ID would still change starting from the 2nd restart.

    If it no longer changes then thats the time you can request a new license for the software.
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