Latest FW for SensorGateway v5


What is the latest version of the FW for Sensor Gatewav v5 model 2022 ?

is it still the public published 8.10.4 ?


  • DhaneDhane
    currently that is the latest as per website
  • BostjanBostjan
    Yeah I've seen that on the website, but i don't know if it really is the last version or is it the last free version and they just don't provide new versions for free anymore...since there is a statement there "Firmware 8.8 is the last firmware provided free of charge to all customers"
  • DhaneDhane
    but we can still download 8.10.4, unless there is a new update regarding firmware releases.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    For customers without a support agreement, you can download firmware updates free of charge for 1 year following your purchase.
  • BostjanBostjan
    OK...great to hear that.

    Then maybe just for clarity you should remove that part from the webpage, where it states:

    "Firmware 8.8 is the last firmware provided free of charge to all customers
    Any customer gets free upgrades for 6 months following purchase available for download from their order page.
    Customers with a support agreement, can download later versions from their support account."
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