Ext. sensor OID changed after upgrading to v9 FW

Upgraded the fw from 8.10.4 to 9.1.0 and discovered that the OIDs for the ext. temp sensor changed.
Old temp - .
New tmep - .

Same +20 logic applied to the humidity and dew point as well.

Is it a bug or expected? Not seeing anything related to OID changes in release notes


  • Hello, what sensors are you using? Do you as well use expansion hubs?
  • martinl88martinl88
    No hubs, just BASE-WIRED and ENV-THUM
  • Hello martinl88,

    This has been identified and is slated to have fix released via firmware update.
  • martinl88martinl88
    So next update will fix it? Great! Thanks!
  • b3ngt_b3ngt_
    Experiencing the same issue. any status update on the firmware fix?
    BASE-WIRED and ENV-THUM, running fw Release 9.1.0 (Nov 15 2023)
  • DhaneDhane
    Let us wait for the new release then - I am checking always as well here in their website - https://serverscheck.infrasensing.com/support/firmware.asp
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