Migration to new VM

Dear Community,

We are planning to move our Monitoring appliance from VM_A to VM_B.
- I'm aware that the System ID will change.
- I still have full access to the old system VM_A.
- I have the software installer with my current (installed) version

I'm passed 1Year Warranty. I've tried to install Serverscheck appliance on VM_B
and inserted my license but it will denied it logically due to a different System ID.

What is the best practice to move the appliance? Can Infrasensing provide a new
key based on the new system ID and software version?
Can we solve this issue on our own or do we need to contact our reseller?

Thank you in advance


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    We only sell the Appliance; not a software license. Software licenses may be available through select partners. A license purchase is required per installation of the software.
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