Thermal Image Sensor not visible in gateway

After an upgrade of the firmware in the gateway (to 9.1), the Thermal Image Sensor is no longer visible.
Other sensors do connect.

The contact with Support by Whatsapp is confusing.
We got one reply this morning that the we should us FW version 9.0 or 8.10.

After a few hours and in further consultation to receive these FW versions in the same Whatsapp, we did not get the FW. It was stated that they are sales and not technical and they suggested to use 8.5 after a factory reset and then go to 9.1 again.

The latter we did without result. So, probably the first suggestion is the better choice.
How do we get FW version 9.0 or 8.10. Is it available somewhere?


  • DhaneDhane
    edited May 15
    unless someone else have the link for the previous FW - or the admin's haven't taken it down.
  • PocholloPochollo
    I do have thermal cameras and Infrasensing Team fixed it by providing firmware 9.2.

    You should request the firmware via Email and that should resolve your issue (make sure you load it properly, I remember I loaded a lower firmware before we loaded 9.2 so I think its the same as what you have done)
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