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I've run through the steps as outlined in the email as well as the online manuals for installing the Temperature sensor.

When I run s-server.exe to check I get the following message

ServersCheck Configuration Server


Number of rules allowed: 20

Installed - SERVER

So it seems that this is still the trial version? I have downloaded the version from your site but clearly am doing something wrong. Please help.


M Merriam


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    You need to install the license file as indicated in the email. This means that you need to overwrite the originally installed license file with the one that was sent per email by us.
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    Thank you for your quick reply!

    I re-installed this license exactly as indicated in the email and then followed the steps in the manual. I checked to ensure that Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 is what we are using (it is). I also checked the version via s-server.exe to verify that it is in fact the SENSOR version (affirmative).

    I then openen my browser and pointed it to http://localhost:1272.

    I get an error that the page cannot be displayed.

    I have searched other posts to seek help and noticed quite a few installation problems but am unclear on how to proceed at this point.

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    Can you confirm that in the task manager the s-server.exe is listed (this means that the ServersCheck Webserver service is running)

    As per manual, both services need to be running: ServersCheck Webserver and ServersCheck Monitoring Service.

    In the event that the ServersCheck Webserver is running and that the s-server.exe appears in your task manager's process list and if you are unable to access at http://localhost:1272, then proceed as follows:

    1/ verify that you do not have any antivirus or personal firewall running that blocks port 1272.

    2/ Run the webserver in debug mode as per following knowledge base article and reply with the debug output:
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