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I would like to trap the snmp status of some devices. the problem is that these devices use a special MIB.

I always get an error message which says: "couldn't retrieve value for OID" (Object ID). Therefore I suppose that the program doesn't recognize the OID because its part of a special MIB.

I have downloaded this MIB (MGE UPS Systems MIB). But how can I import the MIB into the servercheck program? Or isn't this necessairy and a I have done another mistake?

Can somebody help me? Many thanks!


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    ServersCheck retrieves values of SNMP devices (so numbers only). If the MIB is installed on the remote system and SNMP is running on that remote system then you should be able to install it.

    Are you able to retrieve a value by using an SNMP GET command through an SNMP utility?


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  • lukaslukas

    Thanks for your answer! Yes I'm able to retrieve SNMP values by using an SNMP GET command (with "Getif" and "Tivoli NetView"). But with both programs I first had to install the MIB in their directory before they were able to recognize the SNMP values. It seems that I only cannot retrieve these SNMP values through the servercheck program.

    Where do I have to install the MIB or how can I teach "Servercheck" the new MIB?

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    Normally a MIB should be installed on the target host and not on the ServersCheck computer.

    You might try to install it in the main ServersCheck directory. However I doubt this will work. ServersCheck uses the SNMP protocol to poll a target host and ask it to return a value for the given MIB.


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  • hello,

    I've done all these steps. I also tested servercheck with another device. It seems that I've configured something wrong. No matter which MIB i'm using, which object I'm polling or which object ID i'm trying to get. The error message is always the same: "couldn't retrieve value for OID". My configuration looks as follows:


    Community: public

    SNMP Port: 161

    Object ID: . (Value of Merlin Gerin UPS Systems MIB)

    When I check this OID with the above settings with another tool (f.e. GetIF) I recieve a value. Only Serverscheck doesn't work. Could you perhaps give me an example of a working configuration with SNMP?



  • i could solve the problem myself now...

    servercheck needs a "0" at the end of the oid, whicht means that this instance itself is meant. .

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