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I'm a new user (tester) of serverscheck application and I'm testing it prior to buy it for my company. We are busy trying to check a url on a site on a windows 2003 server but it doesn't works. As I ckeck the availlable space on the same server it works.

The message I have on my alert line is "401 Access denied". Type URLEXISTS. Status is always DOWN. The ceredentials are OK administrator one and I have administrator access on serverscheck machine and checked server.

On Entreprise edition are they more checks than in trial version ?

On a server is there a way to check the concurrent users (simoultaneous), maximum users, ASP request timed out, ASP request wait time etc (permon checks)


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    OK let's answer those questions.

    1. Access Denied means that ServersCheck simply can not connect to the server. It uses WinHTTP.dll to connect and this uses a special HTTP_USER_AGENT If authentication is required then you might want to make sure that the configuration server is running under a Windows account.

    2. The Enterprise Edition is unlimited in number of checks (technically limited by hardware and type of checks)

    3. You can use the SNMP4W2K to check those items. See the add-ons section on our website.


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