Sensors are not detected

One of our remote offices installed a base unit, hub, and 4 temperature sensors. Per the manual, they connected Sensor 1 on the base unit to Probe 1 on the hub, and 2 to 2. This was incorrect. The sensor leds lit continuously, but were not detected. We then realized that 1 should go to 2 and 2 to 1. The sensors now blinked as they should. The hub and its dry contact inputs were detected, but not the sensors. I shipped them two other working base units, they tested all sensors with known good cables, and connected direct to the known good base unit. None of the sensors shows up. It seems the initial configuration may have broken these sensors, though they followed the manual. What next?


  • OhMySensorOhMySensor
    Could you send a picture of your setup?
    And also what sensors are you using? do you have the latest firmware installed on the base unit?
  • La_FongLa_Fong
    We are using standard ENV-TEMP sensors. It has latest 8.5 firmware. The sensors are not detected even when the hub is not used. This is a remote office, I don't have a picture and the tech is not there. We are shipping them some sensors, we'll see.
  • You can request a warranty repair for the units if you have purchased them within the past year. All units are tested prior to shipping.

    Based on what you described it seems like they could have connected by mistake the sensors to a PoE switch which would have damaged the sensors. When we receive the units then we will inspect them.
  • La_FongLa_Fong
    I was not there, but the tech confirmed they were hooked up correctly. The only incorrect connection was base unit to hub, following the manual. I received them back and tested. Indeed, they are all bad. We sent him new ones and they are all working fine. I will request an RMA. The manual needs to be fixed.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    La_Fong thank you for your feedback. The user manual states that sensorhub must be connected to the 2 ports of the base unit - see page 158. Or is it something else that is wrong in the manual?
  • hydrogen hydrogen
    I have received a new hydrogen sensor, once connected to the hub I cannot see any information from the sensor. Both via Sensor Status (IP) and SensorsCheck monitoring panel ... Is this normal?
  • SchottkySchottky
    edited January 2021
    Have the same issue, when I check the release notes, the Hydrogen works on 8.6 Firmware.
    I have updated my 8.5 Firmware to 8.6 Firmware.
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